How to clean marble, granite, slate, limestone and travertine.

Natural stone surface such as marble, granite, slate, limestone and travertine should always be cleaned with a pH neutral cleaner. The cleaner should not contain any acids, alkalis or abrasives. Cleaners that are not pH neutral can also strip the protective sealers from the natural stone making it stain more easily.

Revitalizing Stone Soap Ultra is a concentrated cleaner meets all of the above requirements and in addition it also contains an impregnating sealer. This means that every time you clean your natural stone surface you are adding a small amount of sealer so you may never have to reseal it again. The cleaner/sealer is diluted 2 ounces into a gallon of water which means that each gallon of this product actually makes 64 gallons of cleaner/sealer so it should not be confused with other spray and wipe type products which are mainly water. At this concentration it will not dull the stone surface, it will not make it slippery and it will not leave any soap residues. It is designed to remove dirt, dust, grime, soot, grease, oils, food and beverage spills, finger-prints and scuff-marks.

Stone Technologies, Corp. is offering this product on its website with a 15% web discount and there is also free shipping on all orders over $100.


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