Grout Admixture and Grout Sealer

How to use as a Grout Admixture.

Grout Sealer #1 & Grout Admixture is a newly developed product which can be added in to the grout paste mixture. The advantage of this product is that once the grout is applied between the tiles then the grout lines have a lifetime sealer. This sealer is throughout the whole internal structure which means that the grout never has to be re-sealed. The grout lines are permanently sealed against water intrusion and staining. The repellency effect resists mold, mildew and soap scum build up. This provides the grout with an invisible protective barrier against water and oil based stains, household acids and alkalis. To use Grout Sealer #1 & Grout Admixture  simply replace the equivalent amount of water in the grout blend with this product (1 gallon of product replaces 1 gallon of water).

How to use as a Topical Sealer.

Grout Sealer #1 & Grout Admixture can also be used as a topical coating on existing grout lines to provide stain and water repellency. The fluoropolymer emulsion also makes the grout easier to clean. It is also safe to use in enclosed spaces because it is water based and non-flammable with negligible VOCs. It can be applied with a thin paint brush or with a “grout applicator”. In this process it will cover approximately 300 square feet per gallon which can very depending on the porosity of the actual grout and two applications are recommended two hours apart.

Grout Sealer #1 & Grout Admixture is a water based fluoropolymer emulsion which seals grout to prevent staining and water intrusion. The sealer dries invisible and does not change the appearance of colored grout.  In this process re-application is recommended every 2 to 3 years. There is no need to strip off the old grout sealer, it is just re-applied on top of the old grout sealer.

Grout Sealer #1 - Gallon

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