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Custom Colored Concrete Sealers Application

Exact color will vary depending on porosity and exact mix properties of cementitious surface. We strongly recommend dyeing a small inconspicuous spot first to ensure satisfaction of color and that a good bond can be achieved. If a droplet of water does not absorb into the concrete within 20 to 30 seconds then treat it with Eco Concrete Etcher. Please note that this is a transparent dye, and will not hide imperfections on the surface of the concrete. Surface must be clean and dry before application. New concrete must have cured for at least 30 days before applying dye. 

For Concrete Sealer X-3 apply the first application and then wait no longer than 30 minutes before applying the second application. For Concrete Sealer X-4 and Concrete Sealer X-5 apply the two applications 4 to 6 hours apart.Some loose residual color may remain unbonded on the surface on less porous concrete. It should be washed away after 48 hours by lightly rinsing away with water. 

Do not allow rain or any moisture on dyed surface before or for 48 hours after sealing.

Apply colored concrete sealer using a sprayer with a conical tip with a fine mist. Do not allow any pooling as this will make a dark spot and it will not be bonded. Pooled sealer should be sponged up immediately while wet. Agitate mixture vigorously before beginning application and regularly during application. Hold sprayer at an angle to prevent pulling up any settled color into sprayer. Always wear spiked shoes when walking on freshly dyed surface. Do not apply too heavily. It is normal to not see a strong coloring on the first coat. This is due to the penetration of the dye into the pores. The second coat will be markedly stronger, so do not apply the first coat too heavily trying to achieve the desired shade.