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Information and FAQ

Q: Why do I need to use your Stone Sealer products?

A:  Stone is a natural porous material which will allow harmful contaminants such as oil and water based stains to penetrate through the surface into the interior of the stone resulting in permanent staining on the stone surface. Application of our stone sealants to marble, granite, slate, limestone and all naturally occurring stone surfaces prevents this staining from occurring.

Q: Which product should I use if I'm a residential user and my granite was sealed a couple of years ago by a professional and I just want to re-seal it?
A:  We recommend that you use Stone Sealer #2 to seal granite, marble, slate, limestone and and all naturally occurring stone surfaces because it is easy to use in a residential situation and it is environmentally friendly with no odor or volatile compounds.

Q: How can I prevent mold and mildew growth in grout?
A: Application of Grout Sealer #1 will seal the grout to prevent the formation of mold and mildew growth.

Q: What effect do cleaning chemicals have on my granite or marble kitchen & bathroom surfaces?
A: Household acidic and alkaline cleaners do clean stains on the surface of the countertop or bathroom surfaces, but they also penetrate into the interior of the stone surface and slowly destroy it's infrastructure. Stone Soap Ultra is a concentrated pH neutral marble and granite cleaner which can be diluted to clean all types of natural stone surfaces and can even be used without dilution on stubborn stains without damaging the marble, granite, slate or limestone or any natural stone surface.

Q: Do your products seal concrete and masonry?
A: Yes. Our Concrete Sealer products are recommended for use on all interior and exterior surfaces including concrete, mortar, brick and masonry to make them harder, dust proof and resistant to oil, moisture and acids. All of our concrete sealants are water based and are VOC compliant with EPA regulations for architectural coatings. Use Concrete Sealer X-1 and Concrete Sealer X-2 as densifiers or hardeners and Concrete Sealer X-3, Concrete Sealer X-4 and Concrete Sealer X-5 as stain repellent and waterproofing coatings.

Q: Does the concrete need any special preparation before applying your concrete sealants?
A: No. The surface of the concrete just needs to be cleaned and any debris or dust must be swept or washed away before application. Eco Concrete Cleaner #1 is a highly effective concentrated cleaner that can be diluted to clean the concrete prior to applying our concrete sealants. It is particularly effective on greases and oils and old dirt and grime.

Q: Can I apply paint or other coatings over the Concrete Sealer products?
A: You can apply any type of coating on top of the Concrete Sealer X-1 or Concrete Sealer X-2 products because they are not repellents and they have excellent primer properties and actually improve adhesion to the concrete surface. You cannot apply any type of coating on top of the Concrete Sealer X-3, Concrete Sealer X-4, Concrete Sealer X-5 products due to their powerful repellency properties.

Q: Do I need to seal my concrete pavers with your concrete sealants?
A: Concrete pavers need to be sealed with Concrete Sealer X-1 as much as basements and driveways to densify them and improve their physical strength. Concrete Sealer X-1 will improve the abrasion resistance as shown in the technical data sheet (TDS) next to the product according to ASTM C 418 and it is permanent lasting for the lifetime of the pavers.

Q: Will Concrete Sealer X-1 protect my concrete against salt damage in winter?
A: Concrete Sealer X-1 will protect against the damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycles which occur when salt is spread on icy roads and then tracked up your driveway. Test data carried out to determine chloride permeability (AASHTO T-277-83) and chloride penetration (NCHRP 244) proved the beneficial effects of Concrete Sealer X-1 and this data is shown in the technical data sheet (TDS) next to the product.

Q: Are the concrete sealer products non-yellowing?
A: Yes all of our concrete sealants are non-yellowing and are stable to sunlight and UV exposure.

Q: When should I apply Concrete Sealer Products?
A: After the concrete is poured allow it to cure 28 days. We do have customers that have applied our concrete sealants as early as 7 days in warm weather as long as the concrete no longer appears green with no adverse effects. The Concrete Sealer products should be applied at any temperature between 40-80F, for Concrete Sealer X-1, Concrete Sealer X-2 and Concrete Sealer X-3S allow to dry for 2-4 hours, Concrete Sealer X-3 for 20-30 minutes, Concrete Sealer X-4, Concrete Sealer X-4S, Concrete Sealer X-5 and Concrete Sealer X-5S for 4-6 hours, and then apply a second coat and allow to cure overnight. 

Q: Do I need to protect non-concrete surfaces from Concrete Sealants?
A: Protect glass, polished metal and aluminum surfaces during application of any concrete sealants to prevent possible etching and staining. Rinse immediately with soapy water if accidentally contacted.

Q: What is concrete scaling?
A: Scaling means breaking off of surface concrete in small flakes because the concrete was not resistant to freezing and thawing while more than 91% saturated with water. Therefore, concrete placed correctly should be followed that with a performance driven concrete sealer like a silicate chemically reactive concrete sealer and it will greatly enhance the overall concrete quality and durabilty.

Q: What are the main differences between the different Stone Sealer products?

A: The two main products that fabricators use are Stone Sealer #1 and Stone Sealer Concentrate which are both solvent based impregnating silicone polymers which is the industry standard type of sealer that has been used for decades.

The difference between the products is that Stone Sealer Concentrate is twice the strength of Stone Sealer #1 which means that two coats of Stone Sealer Concentrate is exactly the same as four coats of Stone Sealer #1. Fabricators use both stone sealant products for all types of natural stone including Marble, Granite, Slate, Limestone and Terrazzo. Two coats of Stone Sealer #1 is normally adequate protection for most types of natural stone but when the fabricator knows he has a very porous stone or it is going to be installed in a high traffic area then the Stone Sealer Concentrate will be used. Both of these products leave a natural finish (no gloss) and after they are cured they do not affect the appearance of the natural stone surface.

When a wet look (low-medium gloss finish) is required then Stone Enhancer #1 can be applied over the top of any of the sealer products after they have cured which is normally 24 hours. Stone Enhancer #1 cannot be applied to unsealed natural stone because it is a topical finish and on unsealed stone it will be drawn into the interior of the stone. This two step process is the preferred method to achieving a wet look, however, exactly the same effect can be achieved in a single step by using Stone Sealer #5 which is a combination of Stone Sealer #1 and Stone Enhancer #1 in a single bottle.

Stone Sealer #4 is also a solvent based impregnating silicone polymer, but it contains a citrus base as opposed to the petroleum distillate contained in all of the above products. Stone Sealer #4 will provide similar stain protection to Stone Sealer Concentrate and it is designed to leave a natural finish, however, some fabricators claim that it provides a small enhancing effect particularly on slate.

When it is not possible to use the above solvent based products due to environmental constraints, limited or enclosed working areas or personal choice then a water based sealer must be used. Stone Sealer #2 and Stone Sealer #3 are both water based impregnating sealers. The difference between the products is that Stone Sealer #2 is a silicone polymer and a cousin to all of the above sealers which have wide industrial acceptance. Stone Sealer #3 is a new type of chemistry(fluoropolymer) that has recently been introduced into the stone industry because it exhibits better stain protection against oil based stains than the traditional silicone polymers. Stone Sealer #3 is our equivalent to the well known Bullet Proof product. As a general rule water based sealers do not perform as well as solvent based sealers particularly under abuse conditions.

Q: What is the best way to apply the Stone Sealer products?
A: The best way to apply all of the above natural stone sealants is to put the sealer on to a white terry towel cloth and then rub it onto the stone surface. Allow the sealer to impregnate the stone for 5-10 minutes and then remove the excess from the stone surface (this is the most important step because if the sealer dries on the surface it will leave a residue). Allow to dry for 2 hours (except Stone Sealer #2 which should dry for only 20-30 minutes). Re-apply using the same procedure and then remove the excess. The polymer in the sealant will cure in approximately 24 hours at 60 deg F. After curing place a small droplet of water on the marble, granite, slate or limestone surface to check that it beads up and this will indicate that the sealant has satisfactorily cured.

Q: What is the life expectancy of Sealers and Enhancers?
A: The life expectancy of most stone sealers is 2-3 years under normal conditions, but the life expectancy of stone enhancers is significantly less because they are topical coatings and they are worn away by both physical abrasion and weather erosion. As a result stone enhancers will wear away faster than stone sealers particularly in high traffic areas.

Q: Who are some of the customers that have used your concrete sealer products in the last couple of years and can you provide a recent reference?
A: Below is a list of some of our customers.
General Municipalities Airports Food Processors Institutional Construction


US ARMY in Afghanistan

US ARMY in Iraq
US ARMY in Philippines

City of Palo Alto, CA

City of Salinas, KS

City of Fairfax, VA

City of Round Rock, TX

City of Wabash, IN

City of Granby, CO

Manassass Airport, VA

Yaeger Airport, WV

Gagne Foods, ME

Smithfield Food, NC

Whitley Education, KY

Sheraton Hotel, CA

Fairfield Inn, NY

Delaware College, PA

Holiday Inn, TN

Lalique Properties, CA

Campus Crest Construction, GA

Campus Crest Construction, NM

Turks & Caicos Islands

S&H Supply, PA

Q:  Do you have any Testimonials?
A:  YES, here is the link to the testimonials page.

Q: How do Concrete Sealer X-1 and X-2 work?


How Concrete Sealer X-1 and X-2 work

Q: How do your prices compare with other Concrete Sealers?
A: Price Comparison of Competitor Concrete Sealer Products (5 Gallon Pails on 05/12/17)
Average S&H
Concrete Sealer X-1
Concrete Sealer X-2
Concrete Sealer X-3
RadonSeal Standard
RadonSeal Plus
Ion-Bond Armor
V-Seal 101
V4 V-seal 102
Poly Topseal CS-20
EverCrete DPS

Q: Do you have any distributors for your Stone Sealer or Concrete Sealer products?
A: No. We are a chemical manufacturer that ships direct to the end user. This is one way that we keep the price of our products so low compared to some of our competitors because we do not have multiple levels of distribution with the associated mark up commissions etc.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?
A: We do ship to Canada under the Fedex Trade Network Program. Just order your products off the website as normal and then we send you a Paypal invoice for the shipping and brokerage fees. You can review the invoice and either pay it with any credit card or if it is too expensive you can let us know and we will refund the original payment.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: We do ship anywhere in the world in accordance with air/boat shipping regulations and international agreements and regulations. Contact us with your individual requirements for a competitive shipping price.


Our Guarantees and Warranties

1—Lifetime Limited Warranty for Concrete Sealer X-1 and Concrete Sealer X-2

If within the lifetime of your concrete any of the above products which were provided by Stone Technologies, Corp. prove to be defective in material or workmanship or fail to produce results consistent with Stone Technologies, Corp. specifications for the application in question Stone Technologies, Corp will replace any defective product or issue a full refund of the purchase price at Stone Technologies, Corp.'s sole discretion. Stone Technologies, Corp. cannot be responsible for inferior materials and other products used previously providing an unsatisfactory surface to warrant product performance. Stone Technologies, Corp. will not be responsible for the cost of removal, installation or re-installation of any products or items supplied by third parties, where such removal installation or re-installation is required to repair any defective products. Furthermore, Stone Technologies, Corp. will not be responsible for and assumes no liability for the materials or workmanship or any transportation charges, labor costs or other related replacement of defective products, without Stone Technologies, Corp.'s prior written consent. This warranty will be voided if (a) the products have not been stored, installed, or maintained or applied in accordance with accepted industrial practice. (b) The products have been subjected to any accident, misapplication, abuse or misuse, (c) Buyer has used, repaired, or modified the products after the discovery of the defect without Stone Technologies, Corp. prior written consent to continue use, (d) Buyer refuses to permit Stone Technologies, Corp. to determine the nature of defect claimed, (e) Buyer uses the product in an application inconsistent with Stone Technologies, Corp.'s recommendations.


2—100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the performance of any of our products or you are experiencing problems you can contact me directly within 6 months of the purchase date.

If we cannot resolve the problem to your satisfaction then we will provide more product to fix the problem or issue a full refund of the purchase price.
I promise that your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Michael Parry

3—Privacy Policy

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4—Return Policy
You can return any UNOPENED containers of product to us within 60 days of the purchase date by 
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Stone Technologies, Corp
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Retain your receipt and tracking information and contact us after 
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After inspection of the returned goods we will issue a full refund less a 20% restock fee.