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Stone Technologies Corp is a leader in
Concrete, Marble and Stone Cleaners & Sealers

Stone Technologies Corp. manufactures Concrete Sealers, Colored Concrete Sealers, Concrete Dyes, Eco Concrete Etcher, Concrete Repair Kits, Eco Paint and Sealer Stripper, and an Eco Concrete Cleaner for interior and exterior concrete, block, brick, stucco, mortar and masonry applications.

Concrete Sealer X-1 and Concrete Sealer X-2 are densifiers or hardeners that can be used to fix wet & damp basements, stop concrete dusting, prevent mold and mildew formation and reduce radon penetration. When used on driveways and sidewalks they significantly reduce salt penetration to stop concrete damage during freeze thaw cycles. Concrete Sealer X-3 and Concrete Sealer X-3S can be used to make concrete, stucco, brick and mortar stain repellent and water repellent. Concrete Sealer X-4, Concrete Sealer X-4S, Concrete Sealer X-5 and Concrete Sealer X-5S are topical coatings which produce a gloss or satin finish on stamped, decorative and aggregate concrete.

We also manufacture a complete line of Stone Sealers, Grout Sealer, Concentrated Stone Cleaner, Ready to use Stone Cleaner, Stone Cleaner with Sealer, Glass Sealer, Eco Calcium & Rust Remover and a Stone Enhancer which are sold to both professionals in the stone fabricating industry and direct to the general public. These products seal, protect, clean and transform walls, counter tops, floors and all natural stone structures to preserve their natural beauty. They can be used on all interior and exterior natural stone including marble, granite, slate, travertine, onyx, terrazzo, cultured stone, grout, terracotta, unglazed tile, bluestone, sandstone and limestone.

Stone Sealer #1 and Stone Sealer Concentrate are the products most commonly used by fabricators to seal marble and granite with a natural finish prior to installation. Stone Sealer #5 and Stone Sealer #6 produce a wet-look in addition to sealing the stone.

Stone Sealer #2 and Stone Sealer #3 are water based sealants that are commonly used by residential end users to re-seal marble and granite. Stone Sealer #4 is a solvent based sealer with a pleasant citrus odor that leaves a natural finish on marble and granite.

For more than 15 years OUR MISSION has been to provide the stone and construction fabricating industries with the most AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE stone and concrete sealer products available in the USA. To achieve this aim we will develop the most INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS with the GUARANTEE of the BEST PRICE and CONSISTENT QUALITY.

Buy AmericanAll of our products are proudly made in the USA specifically TN and GA. They are not sold through retail stores and are only available exclusively from us shipped direct to you!!!

All of our Stone Sealers, Cleaners and Enhancers can be applied easily by the homeowner to protect and maintain their investment in their beautiful natural stone counter tops, floors, walls, stairs, vanities and showers. They can also be used in Hotels, Offices, Colleges, Hospitals and Museums.

All of our Concrete Sealers are easy to apply and they can be used in all types of commercial, industrial and residential applications. They can be used on all types of new or old interior and exterior structures including poured concrete, aggregate concrete, decorative and stamped concrete, brick, masonry, stucco and pavers.


We are registered on the US Federal Governments System for Award Management (SAM) which collects, validates, stores and disseminates data in support of agency acquisition missions.  
DUNS 013881540.

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Granite Sealer
Susan Beaty - York, PA

Your granite sealer is so easy to use I can do it in the time it takes for TV commercials between shows. It's that easy. Spray it on, wait a few minutes and wipe off! Done! »

Stone Sealer #1
Vicki Gatza - Corpus Christi, TX

HI Mike
Lee Little in Corpus Christi, TX is the contractor who told us to get ahold of you, said Stone Technologies, has the best product. A neighbor who lives next to... »

Concrete Sealer X-3
Brian M. Sweig - Thoroughspect LLC NY.

After thermal imaging a customers home that was built over 100 years ago and finding heavy moisture pockets in the mortar and stone i needed to find a... »

Stone Sealer #4
Eduardo Vogeler - San Diego, CA

To whom it may concern at Stone Technologies Had the opportunity to apply your Stone Sealer #4 in the past. The surface was a Quartzite Flagstone and the results were... »

Stone Enhancer #1
John Schuster - Scottsdale, AZ

Stone Sealer #5 with Stone Enhancer #1 added and could not be happier with the results. We placed 1500 sq. ft of travertine pavers for our pool / patio area,  I needed a... »

Concrete Sealer X-2
Jim Witzel - Pittsford, NY

The brick walk leading to the front of my home is 14 years old.  The walk had black mold growing on the surface of the bricks and moss growing between the bricks.  It... »

Concrete Sealer X-3
Bob Shipley - Knoxville, TN

I started construction on a house in the Mentone/ Fort Payne area in 2007. Our home was built of cast stone, 12 inches thick X 20 inches high with lengths... »

Concrete Sealer X-4
Scott Charney - Basking Ridge, NJ

The Concrete Sealer X-4 was easy to apply and has made our kitchen look great! »

Concrete Sealer X-4
David Reed - Taneytown, MD

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your product.  In the past  I have purchased concrete sealers at the local Lowes or Home Depot and the results have... »

Concrete Sealer X-3
Max Solon - Saint Petersburg, FL.

Hi Mike.
Your Concrete Sealer X-3 is working great. Pictures of the project are shown below. Thanks »

Concrete Sealer X-2
Anne Kelly - Portland, OR

Thank you very much, Michael. I have used your Concrete Sealer X-2 on my basement walls in the past and like it so much! It has cut down a great deal on the rate that... »

Concrete Sealer X-1
Edward Lee - Cumming, IA.

My project was to apply Concrete Sealer X-1 to a brand new RV pad sized 25’ x 14’ along with several replacement slabs of sidewalk.  I ordered the 5 gallons size.  It... »

Concrete Sealer X-1
Brice F. Simon - Oshkosh, WI

Concrete Sealer X-1 sealer product to treat my back patio this summer. The patio has always had a problem with staining/ mildew due to afternoon shade. After 2... »

Concrete Sealer X-2
Mike and Linda Bastian - Lake Oswego, OR

Concrete Sealer X-2 to the rescue! In 2002 we bought a home that was built in 1950. The basement is finished, except for the room with the gas furnace. As many... »

Eco Concrete Etcher
William Copeland - Assonet, MA

Mike I etched (Eco Concrete Etcher) and sealed (Concrete Sealer X-4) my new antique tractor storage barn this past weekend and it turned out great. Your advice on drying... »

Concrete Sealer X-1
Albert and Katherine Astroski - Bellbrook, OH

We bought Concrete Sealer X-1 we liked the properties of the sealant, that it wasn’t just a top coat for our basement and driveway.  Our neighbors across the... »

Concrete Sealer X-3
Ed Crawford - Farlon Industries Anderson, SC

Here are the pictures we just discussed. The picture in the middle is before treatment and the picture on the right is after cleaning and application of Concrete... »

Stone Sealer Concentrate
Jeffrey Keenan - Clawsom, MI

Dear Stone Technologies: I applied the Stone Sealer Concentrate to my customers granite top after the previous sealers weren't working and it worked great!!! »

Concrete Sealer X-4
Michael Sessions - Elmhurst, IL

Here is a picture of my driveway after using Concrete Sealer X-4. It is an amazing product and I highly recommend it. Also the staff at Stone Technologies are experts and... »

Concrete Sealer X-3
Solomon Bassoff - Faducci LLC CA.

Faducci has hand sculpted cement chair and dogs busts (fountain) for the SPCA, Center for Compassion which houses the animal adoption center, wildlife... »

Stone Soap Ultra
David Johnson - Marion, OH

My wife and I purchased a new home recently that has some very unique features. One of them is the limestone exterior that was carried over into the interior of one of the... »

Concrete Sealer X-1
Susan Hodges - Casco, MI

Our first experience with your product was one of necessity. Due to a devastating fire, we had a new garage built. My online search found Stone Technologies. Other... »

Stone Sealer #4
James F. (Jim) Smith - FL

Several years ago now, we resurfaced our large pool deck and covered patio, and our entry, courtyard and driveway with red tumbles marble. We tried a number of exterior... »

Concrete Sealer X-3
Charles Bennett - Chambersburg, PA

Stone Technologies Inc,
I am writing to let you know about my experience with your product. Two years ago I had to have new sidewalks put in, eighty feet, along with... »

Concrete Sealer X-3
John Gnajek - Hammond, IN

Hi Mike, First, I have to thank you for your quick response to all of my six emails and two phone calls. Some of my previous do-it-yourself jobs didn't... »

Concrete Sealer X-2
Rob Eppley - Lake Geneva, WI

I would like to thank you for your product. I built a garage and needed a concrete sealer that was easy to put on and that would last a life time. After looking into... »

Concrete Sealer X-1
Remus Hobrook - Davison, MI

I live in the central part of Michigan and this past winter was the worst ever recorded. I used X-1 on my new cement driveway last fall and to my amazement it looks as... »

Eric Hanke - Louisville, KY

At first, I liked your product, and now I like your customer service, too! »

Eco Concrete Cleaner #1
Lois Kuge - Honolulu, Hawaii

Used Concrete Sealer X-3 to seal my quartzite pool deck after staining one half of it with the backyard hillside red dirt/ mud to match the other naturally stained section... »

Concrete Sealer X-1
Walter Karbonik, P. ENG - Palatine, IL.

I ordered ten (10) gallons of Concrete Sealer X-1 for two (2) freshly poured concrete driveways. I followed the application instructions and was very pleased with the ease... »

Concrete Sealer X-1
Musa Tannous - Webster, NY

I have been using Stone Technology Products for 6 years now, ever since I moved into my new house. I reside in upstate New York and the winters there can be very cold... »

Stone Sealer #2
Chris Papes - wner/General Manager Watermark Pros TX

I am the owner of Watermark Pros, our company specializes in the removal of calcium deposits from pool tile and outdoor surface reconditioning and... »

Concrete Sealer X-3
Frank Frisch - Rochelle, IL

Mike, I recently built a 28x26 detached garage with a concrete floor. I was looking to seal the floor and protect it from staining. I found that both your concrete sealers... »

Concrete SealerX-3
Christopher Maahs - Environmental Group Inc. CT.

Mike, I'm just sending a quick note to tell you thanks for your support on my recent purchase of Concrete Sealer X-3. You guys came through big; shipping it quickly at no... »

Stone Sealer #5
Alan Potton - Cypress, TX

I recently purchased Stone Sealer #5 in the 5 gallon pail. We used the product on 1,600 sq. ft. of slate that we used to cover our front porch area and our back patio. The... »

Concrete Sealer X-2
Hap Duffey - Baltimore, MD

Mr. Parry,
We spoke back in January about the persistent problem I was having with moisture leaching up through the poured cement floor in the basement of my Baltimore,... »

Concrete Sealer X-4
Joe Arvalo - Hidalgo, TX

Hello Mr. Parry,
Attached please find before and after pictures of our warehouse floors. I\'m pleased with your product Concrete Sealer X-4 as it has proven to be an... »

Concrete Sealer X-4
Dino R. Sturino - Owner and CEO

Gentlemen: Thank you for the help you provided on our special project for the Milwaukee Water Works. we constructed the American Legion Star on... »

Stone Sealer #5
Tim McKelvey - Columbus, OH

Thank you very much for your assistance/advice on this Stone Sealer #5 project. It came out exactly as I'd hoped it would. Best Regards, »

Stone Sealer #4
John Devaney, P.E. - Fairfax, VA.

I have a two story Gazebo with an upper slate floor exposed to the elements. I cleaned the stone with the Stone Soap Ultra cleaner. Then I coated the slate with three... »

Stone Sealer #5
Robert Kuchar - Anthem, Arizona

Dear Stone Technologies, Corp. I would like to say how satisfied I am with your Stone Sealer #6. I am not a contractor, just a home owner and needed to find a product to... »

Concrete Sealer X-3
Alice Burkhart - Owner, Everything Fishy TX.

Everything Fishy has been servicing ponds for 11 years now, and from about 2005 on, wishing for a product that could be applied to existing concrete,... »

Stone Sealer #6
Robert Kuchar - Anthem, Arizona

Dear Stone Technologies, Corp. I would like to say how satisfied I am with your Stone Sealer #6. I am not a contractor, just a home owner and needed to find a product to... »

Our Services

We can custom formulate different concentrations of our Stone Sealer products to seal marble, granite, slate, limestone, terrazzo and travertine. »»

We offer contract and private labeling services for all of our marble, granite and concrete sealer products. »»

Discount prices on orders over 100 gallons for all of our sealers and cleaners for concrete, marble, granite, slate and limestone. »»

Featured Products

Stone Soap Ultra is a pH neutral cleanser to safely clean marble, granite, slate and limestone with a 15% web discount. »»

Eco Concrete Cleaner #1 specifically formulated to remove greases and oils from concrete, bricks and mortar. »»

Concrete Floor Sealer X-1 to densify and harden all interior and exterior concrete with a Lifetime Warranty. »»

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